Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Queen Ann aka St Moritz Super-Plate

Enter at your own risk.  Images of tarnished flatware may be disturbing.

This silverware chest has been stored away in a plastic storage bin.  Any ideas on refurbishing this chest?

I inherited it and have decided to take on polishing its contents.  Oh boy!

Reeaally, really tarnished.

I used Hagerty Silversmiths' Polish.  What's your favorite polish for silver and stainless steel?

Here's the metamorphosis.

My chandelier's reflection is on the table and the image of my china cabinet is distorted in the spoons.

Almost a service for eight.

A closer look at the pattern.

Inscribed on the back:  Rogers & Bro. Super-Plate.

Take a look at the pieces in the set.  There are Grille/Viande forks and knives.  Previously, I had not seen or heard of long-handled dinner forks and knives, so I sought information from the internet.

Please come back and visit for Tablescape Thursday.  I am excited to use these in a tablescape.  Yippee!

This metamorphosis post is my first time participating in Metamorphosis Monday hosted by Susan at Between Naps of the Porch.  Be sure to visit BNOTP and check out the metamorphosis shared by our talented hostess and creative participants.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you!! Its lots of work to polish silver like that but its so pretty when you're finished.

I have a similar box that also needs to be loved. I have no idea where to start and was hoping someone would offer some direction.