Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bountiful Fruits, Part 1

Hi everybody, it's Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, and I finally made it out to the deck to present Bountiful Fruits.

It's also Thrifty Thursday at Tales from Bloggeritaville.  Here is the first thrifty find that I am linking to Leigh's meme.  My cousin took me antiquing and I almost left it behind at the antique mall until I remembered a set of fruity dishes that I bought from Ventures.  Does anyone remember Ventures?

By the way, Tablescaping Escapades is having its first give-a-way.  Click here to see my previous post and get details to register to win a Mikasa Cheers Votive Holder.

This pitcher is quite heavy.  Wait 'til you see what I fill it with - Bountiful Fruits, Part 2.

Check out my fruity dishes.  The pattern of this stoneware china is named Lynns.  I bought this 40-piece service for eight from Ventures after I moved into my first apartment.   Before there was Target or Wal-Mart, there was Ventures.  Ventures is long gone.

Sugar Puddin', my sweet 'lil six year old daughter saw me dressing the table and decided to set up hers, too.  So, she went over to her house and brought out her umbrella.

She invited her teddy bears, too.  She dressed them.  In later pics, you might notice one little bear's clothing on the deck railing.

Last school year in kindergarten, Sugar Puddin' made a terrarium using a plastic juice bottle for Mother's Day.  My best friend took me to Tuesday Morning to find a flowerpot for it.  This one was perfect.

See the blue flowerpot next to it? I don't have a green thumb.  I think the flowers in the sunshine pot are surviving because my best friend has a green thumb and she helped me pot those flowers.  When it was in the juice bottle, I may have traumatized it with too much water or something.  It's really revitalized now, whew.

Peek-a-boo.  I just thought this was a fun pic.

Does an indoor/outdoor rug from Aldi for about $19.99 count as a thrifty find?  I bought it a couple of years ago and thought it was a good buy.  Whatcha think?

This peach votive holder is a nice pop against the lime green napkin.  A bright red luncheon or salad plate would be nice with these dishes.  You know, I realized I do not have any red dishes.  Can you believe it, LOL.  Well, Christmas China with red in it doesn't count in this case.  Guess that means I'll have to go on more Tablescaping Escapades until I find the perfect set of red plates.  I know you all agree ;)

I made do with what I already had, some green cabbage plates.

I am pausing now to take time to thank God for my bounty, all the generosity He has bestowed upon me.  We are getting by, I have my family; my health; and a roof over my head, Bountiful Fruits.  Today, wasn't too hot; it didn't rain.  Oh yeah, I played with the dishes!

Lynns Stoneware China:  Ventures
Cabbage Plates:  TJ Maxx
Faux fruit:  Michael's and Hobby Lobby
Basket:  Target
Cloche:  Tuesday Morning
Fruit Splash Votive Holders (set of four):  Partylite
Napkins:  Tuesday Morning
Napkin Rings:  Mother-in-Love
Faux Bamboo Flatware:  Horchow
Placemats:  HomeGoods
Chargers:  Pottery Barn
Pitcher with Margarita Glasses:  Daddy
Lime Green Tealite Holder:  HomeGoods

All the Best,


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Super Model - Stemware and Tablescaping Escapades' First Give-a-way

Hi and welcome to Tablescaping Escapades.  I am so excited!  I am sharing a tablescape that I really enjoyed preparing and I am joining the party at Susan's at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.  Plus, Tablescaping Escapades is having its first give-a-way - it's a Mikasa Cheers Votive Holder.  I'll give more details on that later.  But first things first, I took a lot of pics for today's post, so sit back and relax.  In fact, please join us for wine, cheese and dessert.

Here's the setting, a progressive dinner party - all planned for Tablescape Thursday.  When you think about it, does it seem like a progressive dinner party?  We hop from blog to blog enjoying the company and all the beautiful tablescapes set by talented bloggers.  Dessert is at our house in Jamestown Gold. 

Ooh La La La , check out that stemware.  It's uber gorgeous!  The Mikasa Jamestown Gold stemware - a service for four each of the iced beverage, white wine and champagne flutes - were wedding gifts.  Way before I met Mr. Wonderful, while in department stores browsing the china in the housewares department (at the time, I did not realize I was a dish-a-holic, but I am self-professed now, LOL.), I'd stop and gaze at these beauties, thinking one day I'll put these on my wedding registry.  Well when we registered, the Mikasa Jamestown Gold was one of the first items scanned by the bridal consultant. 

I just adore the shape of these stems.  And I really wanted service for eight, so for our wedding anniverary (or it could have been for Christmas) my dear Mommy gifted Mr. Wonderful and me with  four each of the iced beverage, white wine and champagne flute stems.

Did ya notice the iced beverage in front as first position.  When my family eats dinner in the dining room, we drink H2O on the rocks during and before dinner, just like we do at a restaurant before the drinks arrive.

The decanter mimics the curves of the stemware.  I used a crystal dessert plate as a wine coaster.

I'll be serving up something sweet in this crystal footed dessert bowl later.

Here's a look from the top.

Here's a profile of the lion's head on the bud vase.

The cheese dome to host something delish to pair with the wine.

The bud vases sit atop the most darling little crystal tiara cake plates.

As the sun fades, this five-arm candelabra will provide ambiance.

Peek over the shoulder of the decanter.  There are the grapes.

Layers ...

... and layers.

Gold Grande Duchess flatware to compliment the Super Models.

Last look at how I usually like to place the stemware for dinner.

Don't be shy.  Come on in.  I lit the candles for you.  It's time for wine, cheese and dessert.

What's your favorite confection?

In full bloom.

Cheese anyone?

Here's a dessert spoon.

Some plump grapes.

Candlelit tablescape.

Since we are serving dessert for the progressive dinner party, I rearranged the stemware for our guests.  Did you notice that I moved the white wine glass up front for wine, cheese and dessert?

I bought these crystal faceted napkin rings for my Christmas tablescape last year. 

Now, for the close up of the Super Models.  The iced beverage is curvaceous and full-figured.  Everybody loves her.  She often fashions H2O on the rocks, iced tea, and lemonade.  Hey, if red wine is your fancy, it's versatile as a goblet.

The  next Super Model appearing tonight is the white wine stem.  It's like a swim suit or runway model because it has the longest stem.  It's flirty and sassy.

And now the last super model to close the show, the Jamestown Gold champagne flute.  It's so delicate and petite, but not pretentious. She's the life of the party; everybody loves her.  Jamestown Gold - it is classic, timeless and has a graceful appearance - one of my favorite sets of stemware.  Now let's pop the champagne.  It's my first give-a-way.

Here's how you may register to win one Mikasa Cheers Votive Holder:

1. Watch this YouTube video ( click here ) from Mikasa that showcases its new Cheers collection and offers up entertaining tips and shares great party ideas. Then, add a comment on Tablescaping Escapades' current post about your  favorite tip from the video or a tip of your own for using the Mikasa Cheers Votive Holder; and/or

 2) Become a follower of Tablescaping Escapades; or

3) Interested existing followers as of August 19, 2010 before this post can send me an e-mail at and get two entries to win.

Thursday, September 2, 2010 will be the last day to enter to win a Mikasa Cheers Votive Holder.  Tablescaping Escapades will announce the winner.  Mikasa will ship one of the Cheers Votive Holders to the winner.

Just to let you know, I am not an employee or affiliate of Mikasa; Mikasa is not paying me for my review of their products.  My views do not reflect the views of Mikasa.  Thanks to Mikasa for sponsoring my very first give-a-way on Tablescaping Escapades.

Guess what.  You may search and shop for Mikasa products at my astore (that's short for my amazon store), Tablescaping Escapades Emporium.  You may click on my storefront near the top of this page on the right and shop for all sorts of items for home and garden.
Let's keep this party going, swing on over to BNOTP and check out more beautiful tablescapes for Tablescape Thursday.